About us - Nigeria's first online aggregated Pharmacy

Back in 2010, Our CEO, Abimbola Adebakin had a concern to address lone community pharmacies struggling with their business. She observed from her many years in the private sector that the health sector was not yet harnessing the power of collaboration. Being an integral part of it (a pharmacist), she decided to do something about it. Thus, Advantage Health Africa was born. We became operational in January of 2017. Since then, we have had tremendous break throughs with ailing pharmacies and we are slowly but steadily crafting the required sense of collaboration into the very rigid system.


General Business Activities:

Advantage Health Africa has been established as a consulting firm offering performance improvement in Africa. Our business model is based on aggregation and collaboration of more than 1000 pharmacies across Africa. Based on our passion to provide solution to the health sector, we are the first online pharmacy and medicine store in Nigeria. We also cater for the capacity of our members through frequent training and retraining, networking and exposure to best practices in the retail pharmacy. By carefully selecting high potential, qualified and trained candidates, we run a recruitment service for the health sector focused on creating a cycle that will push out the bad eggs in the system.

Our vision is to be “the largest independent network of health services organization across Africa” by 2027

Mission Statement
To propel best practices and drive growth with the health sector space by driving collaboration and aggregation of all stakeholders in the sector.

To achieve its vision of “being the largest independent network of health services organisation across Africa”, AHA is guided by the core values of
A – Audacious in goals
F – Fulfilling promises
R – Respect for self and one another
I – Innovative in approach
C – Collaboration for customer delight
A – Africa

Our Purpose:

Advantage Health Africa creates a platform for collaboration and performance improvement in the health sector, with initial emphasis on retail pharmacy practice in Nigeria. We are collaborators by nature, and all we do promotes health innovation, capacity development along the value chain in retail pharmacy, and positioning the industry to better serve its target market.

Our Portfolio:

Our services include but not limited to;

  • Organisational Performance Improvement

  • Online Pharmacy and Medicine Store

  • Recruitment/HR

  • Capacity Development

  • Loyalty Programme 

  • Sales optimization and Reward Programmes 

  • programme management

  • Health tech innovation  

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